Last year we were so excited to have a total of three kudu calves born here on Pomeroy
reserve. All the offspring of our new Kudu bull, ‘Eric’. We were pleased that Eric, despite
being young, had found our cows. Sadly the severe drought we experienced took its toll.
The Kudu in particular suffered and started to lose condition. Despite being known to be
quite shy they all came regularly morning and night to be fed. We are certain that without
the extra Lucerne, Lucerne pellets and feed blocks we were putting out they would not have
survived. It was there not unexpected to no longer have sightings of the calves, who we
assumed did not make it through the drought. Nature is a great leveller and finally some
rain came and this year summer rain as well. The rain and also some timely bush cutting has
provided lots of grazing and browsing for all the game. All our animals look well and healthy,
in particular the kudu and our first new calf of the season who we spotted today.