The start of another month here on Pomeroy Reserve, we are past the Equinox and really
getting into Spring. Total rainfall for September was 53.5mms, a welome addition to the
103.5mms we had in August. We are however still very dry and the strong winds we are
experiencing don’t help. However we still have water in the dams and the streams are all
running. Wind here means rain further north so we do not begrudge that to our
neighbours. At least we have green fresh vegetation, which all the game are appreciating.
They are all starting to fatten up now which is excellent for all the expectant females. Some
of the older animals are taking longer to pull through. We continue to put feed out
although we notice that the Nyala’s are no longer regulars at feeding time and the Kudu
(who we are concerned about) are not always coming. Of course nothing stops the Zebra
from coming and checking out what’s on offer – and they are plenty fat enough!