All has been very quiet here on Pomeroy reserve lately, it feels like Spring is really trying to
burst upon us but just hasn’t made the final leap. The rain in August came at just the right
time and the warmer weather we are now getting is helping with fresh plant growth. One
thing that we and are neighbours have noticed is that the blossom on the Cape Coral Trees
is very abundant this year – trees that usually have little or no blossom are covered in
blooms. Everywhere you look there is red and orange colour from these trees whose
blossom is loved by many of the birds especially the sunbirds. One neighbour in particular
has had flowers on a tree that has never produced any and she has also remarked that the
flowers on the white variety are particularly good this year. On Pomeroy we have also
noticed that the Pincushion Proteas are also particularly colourful this year.