This week we have re-opened the Pomeroy “Café” catering specially for the Nyala and Kudu. As the drought continues we are lucky to still have a reasonable amount of natural fodder available for the wildlife. However with the wind and sun the quality has been sapped from the natural vegetation and we have started putting out feed in one area of the reserve. It has been well received especially by the Kudu cows, several of whom are feeding calves and need the extra nutrition. In fact it has been so popular that on day one, two of the kudu cows had appeared within 10 minutes and by day 3 they were almost queueing up waiting
for the delivery! They are now bringing their calves with them and it was so special this morning to see two of them with their mothers. Once they have had first orders, the kudu are happy to let the Nyala join in the feast.