Things have been very quiet on the game side of things here on Pomeroy whilst we wait for
the animals to produce their next batch of offspring. It’s not been the same on the birding
side of things. A super Bird ‘n’ Breakfast the other day, 55 sightings during the walk,
including the Narina Trogan, helped guests return eager for their breakfast! Even today
whilst out checking the reserve we saw three raptors – the African Harrier Hawk
(Gymnogene), Fish Eagle and Black Winged (Shouldered) Kite. A new sighting for us here
was the African Jacana which was making a lot of noise on the far dam. Our Crowned Plover
chicks are growing quickly with the distinctive head markings now clearly visible, it was only
last week that they were little balls of black and white fluff. The recent winds have brought
down some wattle trees that were growing by the edge of one of the streams. We need to
clear them but at least it will provide lots of fire wood!