A positive sign that Spring is on the way is when we start seeing the arrival of the new
offspring here on Pomeroy Reserve. We already have 2 zebra foals but don’t class them in
the same “Spring arrivals” list as they seem to arrive at any time of the year that suits them!
Our female Impala and Blesbok have been looking quite plump over the last couple of
weeks so we knew we should be expecting some new babies. Yesterday we were able to
greet our first two Blesbok lambs. The Blesbok can at times be fairly hopeless mothers
often leaving their little ones under a bush whilst they wander off, so we hope these two
mothers really step up to the mark. Certainly they were keeping their lambs close
yesterday. Despite being only a few hours old they were keeping up with their mothers
although a little wobbly at times and both were feeding well. We now look forward to more
youngsters over the next cuple of weeks.