The Cape Coral trees are in full flower here on Pomeroy Reserve and the colour this year is
quite stunning. A great variety of birds are enjoying the feast of nectar from the blossom,
the noise of their chatter and chirruping is so loud at times. We have seen many species
including Cape Weaver, Greater Double Collared Sunbird, Amethyst Sunbird, Cape White-
eye, Yellow-breasted Apalis, Black-headed Oriel, Grey-headed Bushshrike, Black-collared
Barbet, Wood Hoopoe and of course those particularly noisy starlings – Cape Glossy, Black-
bellied and Red-winged. Nearby watching all the comings and goings was the Crowned
Eagle. It was lovely this week to see the return to the reserve of the Barn Swallow, Black
Saw-wing and Yellow-billed Kite.

Cape Coral Tree