The winter weather has been very warm so far this year and on the days when there has been no wind there have been some great birding opportunities. We have cleared an area near one of the streams, in an easily accessible site. With a picnic table in place it’s a super place to just sit and wait and watch. The other morning, equipped with a flask of coffee and a couple of hours to spare, I was rewarded as the birds kept appearing. A total of 29 species in just this small area! A group of Cape White-eye were busy flitting back and forth in their busy manner. The early blossom on a Cape Coral Tree attracted Sunbirds, Cape Weavers, Black Headed Oriel and Forest Canary. A pair of Puff-backs, Dark Backed (Forest) Weavers and Olive Thrush were busy in the bushes, whilst Olive and Knysna Woodpeckers noisily foraged for food in the bark of the trees. All in all a wonderful start to the day.